Personal Projects

ES6 Project Template (2018)

This is my project template for browser-based ES6 projects, lovingly known as "sponge-hates-setting-up-small-js-projects." It is an extremely minimal project template for developing ES6 JavaScript pages in modern browsers.

Battlement Defense (2018)

A game created for Awful Summer Jam 2018, themed "Unnecessary Sequels." Relive the history of fictional British game developer Clive Sturridge through the ages, with his original hit "Battlement Defence" and it's many needless sequels.

2D Game Engine (2016-)

A toy 2D engine written in C++, with mod support through a DLL containing all gamecode. Supports a drawing command set similar to fantasy consoles, but without intentional restrictions. Scripting language support provided through Wren.

E-Ink Weather (2018)

An e-ink display powered by an ESP8266 that occasionally connects to Wi-Fi to refresh its display with weather, or any other infrequently updating displays.

CoreWeather (2017)

A C# script embedded into a Discord bot that generates early 90s style Weather Channel displays.

Quake Live Duel Stats (2017)

Analysis of 100,000 Quake Live duel matches, in an attempt to determine competitiveness, and the likelihood of winning over time and score gap.

ET:QW Map Viewer (2007)

Zoom and pan maps from Splash Damage's 2007 title, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.