Pointless Projects

Discord Dog Post Bot (2018)

A quick and dumb Discord bot that continually edits a message in a given channel on a timer, purporting to be the server's rules. It's actually just dogs from my Tumblr That's a Good-Ass Dog. It is merely a vehicle for exposing people to pictures of dogs.

PS2 Crystal Clock (2018)

The background of the PS2 BIOS is amazing, which of course means that I needed to try and recreate it. I was able to get pretty close, but couldn't figure out the screen-space reflections. Built using three.js which was a little frustrating to work with, especially with materials. Source code available.

EBDog (2017)

Another weird little Earthbound related thing. This one features state-of-the-art dog AI in order to simulate the activities of a dog, and prevents dogs from doing the same dog stuff in the same space. Put a number in the URL's hash and reload to change the amount of dogs. Uses Phaser for rendering. Source code available.

Tony (2017)

Tony gets what he deserves in this riveting story.

Bread (2016)

I like having weird splash screens for my domains. The bread's speed will increase and decrease along with the load average on my VPS. Uses the amazing Earthbound Battle Backgrounds JS for the backgrounds.

EBClock (2012)

An HTML5 version (it's technically HTML5 if it uses the audio tag!) of a Flash thing I made a very long time ago. The scene fades from day to night depending on the system clock. The original Flash version was somehow somewhat popular on 4chan.

trees & noise (2012)

Some stock photography with embedded YouTube audio. I actually used this for a while just to have some random ambient noise, but there's probably better ways to do this now. It's still kind of neat, though.

403 Forbidden (2010)

The hottest website of 1997, in 2010. Made for a Quake clan of co-workers and friends.

Rolling Start (2010)

A JavaScript bookmarklet (remember those?) to play Rolling Start from Daytona USA on any webpage. I had to extract the scrolling banner from stitching together emulator screenshots. It was a huge pain.