ES6 Project Template


sponge-hates-setting-up-small-js-projects is an ES6 project template that is intended to provide the absolute minimum of setup for developing ES6-based JavaScript projects that run in modern browsers. It does not seek to provide anything beyond what is required to create and bundle a webapp using HTML, JS, and CSS. The lack of these extras doesn't indicate any real support against these concepts, but rather just the desire to have the smallest possible starting point. Extending the configuration and adding new modules is very much recommended.

What's Included

No solutions are included for testing, templating, or CSS pre-processing. These can, however, easily be added to the dependencies through npm install --save or --save-dev. Clone the project, reset the git repo, and then run npm install to install all the dependencies. Use npm start to run a development server, and npm build to output a bundled build to the dist folder.