Automatic image uploading for Windows Mobile


Mobipics is a simple Python script that runs on Windows Mobile that connects to a specified FTP server, compares the local to the remote list, and will upload any new images to the server. This can be combined with a simple MortScript to launch the device's camera, connect to the Internet, and run the script.


Setup is not currently automated. A text editor is required. Extract mobipics, and open up FTP Camera.mscr. In there, change the RunWait command and the Run command at the end to reflect the location on the device. Save, and then open The app defaults to looking in My Pictures, which can be changed as desired. Set the 5 FTP setting commands bebelow that. The rest of the file can stay unmodified.


Both scripts are available from here.


Mobipics is licensed under the BSD license. Specific terms are given inside the .py file.