Zombie is dead

For now at least.

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Zombie gives drinks to Alcoholics


That is all.

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General Happenings

After Zombie's big win in round 1 of the playoffs, we met our match in round 2, and ended a very successful season, much further than anyone was expecting. Currently, Zombie are 13-1 in our last 14 3v3 games, and have a pair of upcoming matches, hopefully to improve the record.

We also suffered a loss at the hands of On Extended Break in 6v6, at one point playing down 3 men. We still were able to take 1 round, and were less than 15 seconds away from clincing the match when the time ran out.

Be on the lookout for an explosive showing in the upcoming 6v6 season.

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Zombies on Fire

We've all been busy, and it shows. 6v6 has settled around 6th place for the moment, losing to SLB, beating Dark Rangers, and losing a well fought match for #1. 3v3 is another story entirely, currently the Zombies are on a 7 win streak between the 3v3 leagues and ladders. Our 4-1 league record puts us first in our division, and clinches a spot in the playoffs. With another 3v3 ladder match coming up, and the beginning of the playoffs, we intend to increase this streak another 2 or 3 wins at least.

Wish us luck in the playoffs, this is what counts!

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Zombies Liberate Canada

Zombies are now #7 on the 6v6 ladder, after dealing out a humiliating beating to Diables Ki Plombent in the cold fields of Frostbite. Next on the list is Sneaky Little Bastards, in what's sure to be a tough match. Additionally, Zombies have also finally won their first in the 3v3 ladder after a reorganization, and have also joined the 3v3 league, with a forefit win, and an extremely close loss so far. The ETF division has been retired after a short run, as the addon is in it's final phases of life.

Also, please join us on Quakenet in #zombiepres if you have the time! Until next time, Seacrest... err... sponge, out.

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Still alive

We're still here, as rarely as this gets read. Currently ranked 17 on the 6v6 ladder, joining the 3v3 leagues and ladders despite being terrible at the game mode. We get a forum post once a month or so, too!

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Roster Cleaning

Just for the record, did a little roster cleaning on the TWL site. Don't take it personally if you were removed, just means I haven't seen the mentioned person in a while.

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Welcome To The Clan

Hey once again =) this has been like the third welcome to in the past 4 days anyway I would like to welcome tychon to the clan he clanned with me back in q3f same as gate, but he was the awesome sandman then...so Be Good And Remember Flameing Is Fair Game Against PR.

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Welcome Gate and SandWich

I would like to welcome Gate and Sandwich to the etf division of our clan=) clanned with both of them in the days of q3f and they are both good guys. Be nice, as well as remember some flameing of clans is to be alowedd but only in good fun unless it of course comes to PR....when PR is involved anything is alowed so Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay with our humble crew of miscreants

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Welcome _Decky to ETF Division

Just saying welcome to _decky for joining up with us officially:) your on the roster^^ so everyone be nice hes a good guy fun to play etf with and willing to practice so we can get better so Welcome! and hope you enjoy joining our little cliche of friends

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ETF division DOMINATES unfortunately due to gay....

Good Job etf division we dominated im proud, but alas PR goes back on their agreement and fucks us over for being nice people and steals our victory, however PROPS TO WINNING 8-7 WITH 1 MAN DOWN!!!! im impressed and while we are all mad life goes on and we shall rape PR with a vengence the next time we play....props go to either tychon or me(not sure which) for takeing flag out of heavily guarded spiral top room and capping in 2seconds note : the reason i dont know which is because we both had some amazing captures i only mention this because Dense brought it up:) i hope we keep this up note we have a new recruit _decky a friend of mine hes pretty good so be nice:) as well as a possible new recruit with daflip who has pretty good piper potential, and tychon might be joining us up for 4's so it looks like our clan is shapeing up nicely but we need to practice more so lets please do that ok:) Good Job guys and know that im proud of ya <3

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holy shit i heard sponge shoutcast for the first time ever i connected to server and first thing i thought was omg he sounds funny, but damn boy you did a good job, didn't even diss any clans throughout the thing props to ya and i request you to shoutcast our matches since we suck^^ and it will give ya practice so you can shoutcasts for those title matches pro style good job!! tongue

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ETF division raped

right so the gist of it is we played one of the worst 4's clan they were 1-4 and bassically we got our asses handed to us, but seeing as we didnt get a single practice in untill the night before im not to worried, next match we will have more practices for so maybe we can...Anyway bassically you can blame me for the loss :( horrible lag firstround with lots of me screaming about how i cant conc, then i drop within first minute of rnd2 and we play down 1 for about 10minutes untill jimy finally stepped in, dunno what went wrong on D but i sure as hell know how we fucked up O:) congratz to the whole clan for missing almost every single conc^^

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Zombies get trounced in ETF division!

Not much to say here really. Various connection issues during both rounds, along with a horrid offensive round combined to give us a 22 - 0 loss. Aparently the team we played, Opposition is one of the lowest ranked clans in the league.. until now!

GG .op, maybe next time we'll have "it" together a bit better!

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Canada wins

The Zombies suffered their first ET loss tonight at the hands of Wolfenstein Quebec. Between just flat out poor play, server problems, and having to resort to fallback players, the Zombies still managed to draw one round, and take another round with a cap in 4:41, eventually forcing the game into overtime.

Stats are available along with a full demo.

The Zombie's advancing on the ladder will probably take a hold as we start to organize better. Practices are now scheduled for Tuesdays at 8PM EST.

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Zombies Frag EKFraggers

The Zombies continue their massive reign on the ET Clan community, perched at Rank 23, spitting down at all potential challengers who happen to be lower than us! The challengers this time, the venerable EKFraggers. After a late start, and plenty of server problems partly due to the general suck of Linux, war finally commenced.

The Zombie Presidents end up taking their 4th overall match 2-0, in what was at times, a squeaker. The usual blow by blow reports are available here and the highlight reel should be available sooner or later.

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More Rustlings

The Zombie Forums are up, primarily as a means to communicate between clan members when not on IRC or our voice servers. All members should register account, and let me know that you have, so that you may see the private forums.

All parts of the page should be XHTML 1.0 compliant too. Woo.

Now that everything is pretty much working and complete, updates will probably slow down on this page, besides the usual match happenings.

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Roster Updated

I've fancied up the roster a bit, now each member has their own profile, some not filled out yet. As you've also read below, a new ET Fortress division has launched, after the Great Mass Exodus of Devastation. DeV will finish the 9v9 season, and afterwards will be disbanding due to lack of participation. The core members will play STA 4v4 Assault, while some move on to different 5v5 and 9v9 clans.

The records page will show ET Fortress matches, as soon we have some!

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Zombies Join ETF STA 4v4

Alright, heres the scoop:) zombie prez are joining up in sta 4's this is just a little notice for everyone, if interested you can find me azhrei on gamesurge #serious #telegnostic or #clan_parallel and the zs channel soon as we get one? Only interested in serious players. Ill go over the little details later, but for now just letting everyone know and hope you all support us in our efforts. Go Zombies!!!

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Zombies Blitz RogueWarriors-Krieg

The Zombie Presidents win their second match against RogueWarriors-Krieg in an extremely close fight, winning the second round by a mere 14 seconds. Get the full lowdown of the match, at least as much as you can without actually watching the demos.

Who's next for the life-impaired leaders? Probably no one for a while, as now it's time to get practicing, to tighten our obvious stranglehold on the ET clan scene.

However, we do have a pub up, in the vein of the old Devastation pub, but with less nazi admins. Just connect to pewp.net:27962, or come onto IRC and harass us.

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Zombie Presidents Win!

The Zombie Presidents win their first 6v6 match against The Fighting Eagles. A well fought match that started out rough for us, ended in a 2-0 victory, bringing us to rung 38. With an excellent 5 kill grenade to boot.

Next up: RogueWarriors-Krieg, which will be a tough match for sure.

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Hatem is a ditcher. That is all.

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Website Launch

Look at that, our website is actually online and complete. Will anyone read this? Probably not.

It's kinda lonely here.

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