We're an ET clan, by the loosest definition of the word. It's more of a travesty of mankind. Nevertheless, most of us come from the #gentoo.et channel on the NaziFreenode IRC network, where all sorts of Linux-based hereticism goes on. Apparently there's some Enemy Territory involved once in a while. The rest of us come from Devastation's former ET division. It's like a happy little family of clans.

   The Zombie Presidents have been dominating the Enemy Territory clan scene since March 30, 2005. A massive reign indeed. The Zombie Presidents expanded into ET Fortress April 22, 2005, and ended June 18, 2005. We invite you to challenge us to a scrimmage by sending out those new-fangled e-mails if you're looking for a good fight. Or just browse around and participate in our little corner of madness. I ain't going to stop you.

Zombie Reagan

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