Quake Wars Stats Signature

What was it?

With the launch of the ranked server XML feed, public access to stats is now available. This is a simple script crated with the XML feed with PHP and the GD2 libraries built into PHP to export a signature image with some of your vital statistics. Unfortunately, the stats server is no longer online, the below kept only for posterity.

How did it work?

While it used to be an upload and go operation, unfortunately the stats server is no longer online, so this will not work at all!

What did it look like?

My Stats (Static preview)

That should be rather self explanatory.

Where can I download it?

You can download the package containing all the necessary files from this very site. It also includes the layered PSD file used to generate that oh so snazzy background that the default installation uses.

Who can I complain to?

As this is now quite old, there is no real support. In fact, the server that held the stats appears to have been permanently taken offline. The files remain here only for historical purposes, and to be used as a base for similar projects for other games.


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